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Wes Pump

Awarded 1996

Wes Pump

Wes was recognised with life membership posthumously after his death in a car accident in February 1993. Wes was a significant contributor both on and off the field, and was a member of 1985/86 B-Grade Premiership team in the first year of the club’s reformation. 

Wes generously donated thousands of volunteer hours of back-breaking work establishing the club’s two playing grounds at Traralgon South and Callignee. The Pump family has a long history in the district and Wes jokingly referred to Callignee as Pumpsville. At the time of his passing Wes was a highly devoted junior coach and a key member of the C-Grade squad that won the 93/94 C-Grade Premiership in honour of their lost mate.

After Wes's passing, the Callignee and Traralgon South Cricket Club Started awarding the Wes Pump Memorial Shield for the Best & Fairest play, in dedication to the way Wes played the game. Our Second ground also bears his name.

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