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At Callignee and Traralgon South Cricket Club, we prioritize the well-being of our players and community. If you find your mental health is suffering, remember that seeking professional help is a sign of strength, not weakness. There's no shame in reaching out to mental health professionals who can provide support and guidance. Your mental health matters, and we encourage open conversations and care for one another. Remember, you are never alone, and we stand together as a club, supporting each other both on and off the field.

Local Medical Clinics

03 4138 8075

03 5173 6464

1800 242 696

03 5174 6711

03 5174 5350

03 5174 0555

03 5174 2345

03 5176 1933

03 5160 9933

27 Hotham Street,Traralgon

2 35/33 Grey St, Traralgon

Cnr Seymour St &, Princes Hwy, Traralgon

2/12 Deakin St, Traralgon

1/11 Kay St, Traralgon

18 Breed St, Traralgon

26 Seymour St, Traralgon

37 Breed St, Traralgon

2/54 Grey St, Traralgon

Available Online Services


Lifeline Australia is a lifeline for those in need, offering 24/7 support during emotional crises. Their trained volunteers provide a caring and understanding voice, promoting the power of connection and empathy. Encouraging open conversations about mental health, Lifeline offers comfort and hope, fostering a compassionate and supportive community.


Beyond Blue is a leading Australian mental health organization offering support, resources, and helpline services for anxiety, depression, and mental health challenges. Promoting awareness and well-being, they foster a compassionate community, making a positive impact on countless lives.


Headspace is tailored for youth, aged 12 to 25, providing a safe space to access support, counseling, and resources. With a focus on early intervention and prevention, Headspace empowers youth to navigate life's challenges. Their inclusive and understanding approach fosters a community of resilience and mental well-being.

Kids Helpline.jpeg

A lifeline for children and young people up to 25 years old, Kids Helpline offers counseling, support, and guidance. Their helpline, webchat, and email services provide a safe space to discuss challenges and emotions. Kids Helpline plays a crucial role in ensuring young individuals have someone to turn to during difficult times, fostering a sense of understanding and hope.


SANE Australia is a leading mental health charity providing support, information, and advocacy for people affected by mental health conditions. Through their helpline, online resources, and campaigns, SANE offers valuable assistance and a sense of understanding. They play a crucial role in promoting mental health awareness and breaking stigma, creating a supportive community for all.


Your Support Network for Men's Well-Being. Men's mental health matters, and that's why MensLine Australia is here for you. As a dedicated helpline and online resource, MensLine offers a safe space for men to talk about their challenges, providing support, guidance, and resources to help navigate life's complexities. Whether you're facing stress, relationships issues, or simply need someone to talk to, MensLine is a dependable source of understanding and assistance, ensuring that men's well-being is a priority.

Gamblers Help.jpg

The Gamblers Help website is your dedicated resource for support and guidance on responsible gambling. Offering a wealth of information, tools, and strategies, the website is designed to empower individuals to make informed choices, manage their gambling habits, and access assistance if needed. Whether you're seeking advice on setting limits, understanding the risks, or finding local support services, the Gamblers Help website is your trusted companion on the journey to maintaining a healthy relationship with gambling.

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