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Tim Derham

Awarded 2017

Tim Derham

The first, and only, Mother/Son life membership combination at the club. Blessed with extraordinary DNA, Turtle has been a classy cricketer, constant contributor and compassionate team mate who has made many significant contributions to the club in a variety of ways. Joining the club to play alongside his mates in juniors, Tim quickly rose through the ranks to quickly play A Grade cricket. As a reliable all-rounder Tim contributed with both bat and ball, however his raw athleticism came to the fore when in the field. 

A clean set of hands matched with an uncanny ability to premeditate a batsman’s plan saw Turtle make the difficult look easy and the impossible, essentially a regular event. A highlight being his direct throw runout in the losing A-Grade final giants Churchill, the lowlight ironically being the only CATS Player dismissed for obstructing the field. As a committee member Tim has taken on many roles and delivered some of the club’s biggest social events. 

As much as Tim loved the competitive nature of the game he is just as fond of a beer at 4pm on Saturday afternoon watching others run around the Cattery in the heat. Another passion of Tim’s was joining up with great mate, adopted brother, Stickers to create DNB Cricket who have not only sponsored the club but provided many of us with quality bats and gear. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so we give thanks for everything we Tim has given to our great club both on and off-field.

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