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Rudi Bence

Awarded 2015

Rudi Bence

Rudi added his Life Membership at CATS to a lifetime of sporting achievements and personal accolades. A legend through the Latrobe Valley in both winter and summer sports, we had the absolute pleasure of having him at CATS when he initially arrived to support his son Luke as he moved from junior to senior cricket. 

From his first game at the club we saw how unique a person Rudi was - he was a fierce competitor, elite sportsman, caring team mate and humble in both success and defeat. A natural leader and generous volunteer saw Rudi contribute across many aspects of the club. From groundskeeping, Presidency, barman, bouncer, C Grade fill-in to psychologist - Rudi took on any thing at any time that needed to be done. 

He was also an extremely generous benefactor to the club. The diversity of people from not only our club, but the broader sporting communities of the Latrobe Valley, who gathered to farewell him at his funeral was a clear measure of the awe we all held for Rudi Bence. You also couldn’t help but wonder what he would have made of all the fuss as we all stood out in the rain in the middle of the YYN Footy Oval to honour him. Surely he would have been shouting and laughing at us silly buggers from the heavens to “Get on with it” so we could all retreat to the bar. 

Rest in Peace Rudi.

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