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Peter Duncan

Awarded 2020

Peter Duncan

A recent awardee of life membership, Peter Duncan is still contributing to the club and is likely increasing his commitment to drive improvement for not only the cricket club but community groups across the Callignee and Traralgon South District. Peter has held many executive and committee roles across his time at the club dating as far back as the 1990’s. 

In the club’s recent time has been an instrumental leader in many key areas of the club with his background work securing many of the facility improvements that now exist at Traralgon South and Callignee. The most obvious development being the extension to the social rooms that saw the addition of our excellent player change rooms. The Cattery would not be the community asset it is with Peter’s direct efforts. 

Peter also has a fine playing record at the club. A premiership player in the star-studded 1993/94 C-Grade, Dunks is a well respected team-mate who holds dear the friendships he has made both within and beyond CATS. On a personal performance level, Peter’s highlights would be his century, his six wicket haul against Tyers CC to dismiss them for 21 and his B-Grade hat-trick. CATS wouldn’t be the same without his efforts and generosity.

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