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David Cooper

Awarded 2019

David Cooper

How do you do a write up on the man who does the write ups?

Affectionately known to all as Coops, Dave a true cornerstone of our CATS Cricket club. With a memory that holds more club history than most, Coops is an invaluable asset to the Callignee and Traralgon South Cricket Club. His passion for the club is unwavering. It's more than just a club and team to him, it's his second family.

Coops has donned many hats over the years, serving as secretary, general committee member, social committee member, Junior coach, B Grade Captain, C graide captain, and the bard and wordsmith of our Club. Whenever we need a write-up about all things club-related, he's the go to man.

On the field, he's the perfect batting partner, adept at rotating the strike and keeping big hitters grounded and in control. This has lead to Coops being part of record partnerships in multiple grades. His cricketing skills are a match for his commitment, having served on the committee in all those roles. Beyond the scoresheet, Coops is a two-time premiership player, proving his mettle when it counts most.

But it's his enduring dedication, his vast knowledge, and his ability to make words dance that truly define him. Over the years Coops has produced many write ups, but one definitely worth taking the time to read is his reflection after 200 Games. A true CATS cricket legend, Coops is the embodiment of everything our club stands for – unity, passion, and the love of the game.

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