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Dale Fleming

Awarded 2023

Dale Fleming

Surely  the photo that accompanies this page is one taken in the clubrooms with  the dual Premiership Captain grinning from ear-to-ear holding two cups.   At the 2022/23 Club Presentation we awarded Life Membership to the  newly crowned premiership captain, Dale Fleming.  One of our longest  serving on-field leaders, Dale’s life membership could easily lie in the  longevity and success of his leadership but the silverware doesn’t go  close to justifying all of his efforts over the years and across many  areas of the club.  

As much as we could reflect on Dale’s successes and joys of the past few  years, we can also note that these years are an accurate snapshot of  his time at CATS.  As the world adapted to the challenges of a global  pandemic, CATS like so many other organisations lost its rhythm and we  were impacted financially and socially.  Dale however multiplied his  efforts to steer the on and off field elements of the club through the  challenges.  

As C Grade captain, Thursday selection meetings became  almost irrelevant so to walk away with premierships during this time  just indicates his leadership and organisational capabilities.  Dale  single handedly has delivered so much joy to us collectively and  individually, a wonderful clubman and an even better human.

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