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Craig McDonald

Awarded 2009

Craig McDonald

A key member of the team that drove the reformation of CATS in 1984. Craig’s playing record stretches from 1985 to the current day, with his 85/86 flag now joined the recent back-to-back wins in C-Grade. Macca is an elite wicket keeper and has rarely played a game without the gloves on, which just proves he is also an elite tactician who is clever enough not to be a bowler - way too much unrewarded running being a bowler! 

His keeping skills have indeed not faded with his swift leg-side stumping in the recent premiership a clear indication he could play well into his 80s. Off-field Craig has set a high standard of volunteerism and along the way has been supported by his wife and family who also have a history of contributing generously in the day to day running of the club. 

His attention to detail, history and statistics has seen the tradition of the CATS Annual Yearbook become a much anticipated keepsake. We thank Macca for the joy he brings to each weekend as he goes about playing cricket with such passion.

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