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Andrew England

Awarded 2009

Andrew England

Who  knew his name was Andrew?  

Dinger was an obvious recipient of life membership in 2009 with his  efforts around the club in a variety of roles simply impossible to  replicate.  He contributed an incredible amount of hours at the club and  it would be impossible to actually account for all things he did.  A  physically-imposing fast bowler, he was a brute of an athlete who could  train for hours and bowl unchanged all afternoon.  

Comparable to Scott  Boland, Dinger was a highly successful lower grade cricketer at other  TDCA clubs, before relocating to live at Traralgon South.  Being only a  few houses away from the ground meant Dinger was first to arrive at the  club to get on the roller and probably last to leave the bar at night.   

Dinger is yet another of our life members who effortlessly engaged with  anyone at the club regardless of their ability or background.  A loyal,  generous and energetic clubman who turned the 2007/08 B-Grade Grand  final on its head late on day 1 with some brutal late order hitting.

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