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Home Grown Hero

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Great news coming out of the Cattery this week, the highlight being the appointment of Homegrown-hero Jamie Cochrane as A-Grade Captain. As the club’s most successful player (with three flags, joined this year by veteran Craig McDonald who played in his own third premiership), Cocko takes up this leadership position at a club where he has played since juniors. The 2021/22 A-Grade flag a long awaited reward for a patient veteran who joyfully shared the success alongside other much-younger homegrown heroes. The Cochrane name has been a part of our club, and district, for decades and Jamie brings a strong leadership to not only the on-field aspect of the club but just as importantly, the off-field as well. His impact as a mentor and leader, and high standards of behaviour and mindset, already are valued and his appointment by the club executive just reinforce the deep respect we have for him as a leader, player and person. One of Jamie’s personal strengths is his capacity to engage naturally with a range of people and generations in both competitive and social settings. CATS is a club deeply rooted in the way we embrace diversity, the example set by club legends Rob Clough and John Black, in which all players rich or poor, skilled or clumsy, are welcomed and celebrated. Jamie has embraced us all and everyone at CATS gives our commitment to fully embrace his leadership. Congratulations Cocko, we are thrilled to have such a great competitor and individual to lead us. this post here.

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